May 27, 2011

From Seoul to KLIA..Welcome back, bro!

My bro at Nami Island 
~ Tempat shooting WINTER SONATA ~
Whoots !

 I'm onlining at 6.45 a.m in the morning, reporting right after picked up my big brother at KLIA..He was just landed from SEOUL, KOREA after had a week vacation with his friends..So my dad and I waited for him at the old town coffee..But then, sempat lagi pergi fav Caramel Latte..SLLLRRP!!YAY!So excited! Can't wait to open up the souvenirs he bought from Seoul..HAHA..:D..Okay, not funny..

Oh wait, yeaaaahh HAPPY HOLIDAYS..AGAIN! Okaay ermm, my blog has really been kinda neglected for a while now.But I tried to post something entertaining..kay?