August 13, 2011

Hope is a waking dream

~copy n paste here we go~

Hey! Long time no see, huh? Its okay, Im here now.. I've been busy so lately and yeah, I don't even do my homeworks.. Tired larh asyik out je so x berkesempatan nk sentuh buku.. Hmph! Alasan..Okay, dah mula la tu merepek sorang2..Ok stop..

Yesterday, ayah, my big bro, nephew and I went to PAVILION..Shopping habislah kat sana.. Sempat lg being a camerawhoring like crazy sambil nyanyi-nyanyi kat dlm fitting room at PARKSON.. And pulaakk, the door was not closed and there was 'mat saleh' pandang-pandang.. Sumpah malu dler time tu.. Cepat2 tutup pintu.. :-) ...

And this morning ayah and I went to SOGO for last minute shopping for the weekend.. Cehh, boleh pulak for the weekend.. HAHA Bought many things sampai tak ingat dunia malaysia nie.. cehh! over nye ayat aku.. Its okay.. :-) 

 Got 1 hour to go before bertolak ke maktab... With those homeworks that is not even done yet..FUhh! Pandai pandai lah kau yer? Kay la.. Nak solat n do some math,maybe..