December 25, 2011


google pic ~

Today's the day ! It's christmas ! It's been snowing a lot lately, aite? My family and I enjoyed throwing snowballs to each other this morning.. LoL I'm kidding ! :p It's just the snow in my laptop.. Not funny ? I know ! This evening, my family and I went to Gold Coast Australia.. I love the scenery there.. LoL ! Again.. I'm kidding.. We went to Gold Coast Sepang lah.. We relaxed ourselves at the beach this evening.. Had a late lunch there.. I can't stop writing 3 words in the sand.. But God ! So so so many people there.. Sabar je lah nak cari tempat for a little picnic.. This time I'm not kidding ok ! :) Had an ice-cream each one for dessert then pack things to go back !.. 

I need to go to bathroom just like, RITE NOW !!! Gotta run ! Talk to you later.. Bye !
Assalamualaikum :-)