December 8, 2011

I still wish Quidditch was a real sport~

Set yourself free~

Assalamualaikum and Hello ! :) Today, it was generally a relaxing day.. Here I am in my room on 11.00 pm reporting right after doing my homework.. :D LoL .. Seriously, I have much more to work on my homeworks.. See ha?

BM - 100%
P.A.I - 100%
GEO - 30%
MATH - 100%
Anymore homework? Don't think so lah! :/

See? 60% more to go.. God ! Science dah la buat folio merepek yang tajuk memang aku faham.. Tajuk Electicity?? Anyone? About Geo? Buat map yang sumpah macam shit ! Aku baca soalan tu dekat 5-6 kali still tak faham.. Thank Allah I got the best sister in the world that help me on those maps.. :-) I love you sis ! LoL ! Berjiwang kejap.. huhu

Back to the title ! HaHa ! Know what? Since the first time I watched Harry Potter riding the Quidditch, I was hoping that it was a real sport.. And right now, I still do hope that.. Kan best if permainan dekat Malaysia ade Quidditch.. Don't y'all think so? And and? Kerajaan letakkan Quidditch as one of the permainan kokurikulum.. It will going to be super damn cool sport.. Okayh! Yeah ! Aku better stop dreaming stupid things, aite? hAHa :) 

Okay, now nak baca novel before get ready for bed-time. Just gonna go relax, it is well deserved, believe me. Goodnight, sweethearts ?

Realizing how much homework you haven’t done.
~LoL SajeSaje XD :-)