January 1, 2012

Owning a DLSR Camera Doesn't Make You a Photographer ~

Note that and deal with it, DSLR users ! 

I am not a photographer.. But I want to be when I grow up.. I actually are still learning how to use that thing with classes that I registered.. But I just 'menyampah' with those people who are buying a camera just to show off.. Hey people ! You buying a DSLR doesn't make you a real photographer.. It just make you a DSLR owner.. But ! Yeah, there's a but.. Unless you really know how to use it more than 80% and not just hang at your neck.. And once again, aku menyampah dengan manusia yang snap their own picture depan cermin then senyum-senyum kambing using their 'expensive camera' dan bertujuan untuk show off.. Or diaorang suruh their friends snap their pictures holding their slr and acting like a pro-photographer.. I'm sick of those people around me.. And I'm not 'jeles lettuw'<-- Ohh ! I hate rempitz-er ! Sorry ! But this is who I am.. Problem ? Oh ! Get lost !

Whoah ! Panjang aku membebel kan ? Sokay ! I'm just bored.. And I found that pic above and I decided to post an entry bout it straight away.. Oh ! Actually, I just got back from shopping with my sis.. I would go into detail but I will do that later,kay ? Maybe on my next post tonight.. And Now, Im not bored and I got my mood for Homeworks..
Assalamualaikum ! :)

He's adorable ~