June 7, 2011

Cause I'm looking at you through the glass

Hello beauties! :) Today I did homeworks quite a lot, and now I finally gave up, and took some snack (biscuits and yogurt ice blended) :D .. 

So tomorrow I had to go to Pn Ithnaini's house once again at 8.30am and spend 2 hours there with her tutoring me.. Luckily, tomorrow is the last day..FUhh!! Right after the the class, mama will pick me up and send me straight away to the KLCC.. And I'll hang with HAZIYAHTUL ATIFAH and SYAHIRAH MANHAIRI  there.. hehe .. 

It seems like it's going to rain outside so all the things I want to do are day-dreaming and take a nap.. So buh-bye..