June 6, 2011

Whattaa!! Tutor?? Noo..

WHAT THE HELL!! I got a tutor?? And it's tomorrow?!?

Just, ignore the pic..
Wanna know what ? Just now ayah told me that I gonna have a personal tutor and it's tomorrow at 9.30 am.. URGHH!! Malasnyer.. Buat homework da malas asyik tertangguh je..And apa lagi with tutor?? Well, the tutor is actually Puan Ithnaini, a teacher from MRSM KKB.. And we're gonna have a private class at her parents house where it's around my neighbourhood.. Actually, last year she has been a tutor for my cousin since he gonna have SPM and tomorrow it's with me?! Terima je la.. Hope x lama kat rumah die..FUhh!!