June 6, 2011

You're gold, live it up to your dreams

Hey sweeties!  :) How was your weekend? Today has been pretty amazing! I relaxed in my bed for ages and it really brings the mood up :)..Fuhh!! Right now, I just got back from Wangsa Walk Mall with my old friends..Well, we played bowling, movies, eat, played video games, and SHOPPING the most..HAHA..U know girls right, what happen when they go to the mall, Shopping, duhh!! 9 hours at WWM..Wow! Okay.. End of that topic..

Karak Movie Ticket.. Langsung x best.. Rather choose Diary of Wimpy Kid : Rodrick Rules than citer nie..
Now I just wanna focus on my homeworks that is still banyak lagi..arghh!! So lazy laa.. I'm really need things-to-do list.. I better stop writing now, and carry on with my homeworks.. So bye-bye.. :-)