June 11, 2011

Feels like I'm lost in a moment

Hye peeps ! ;-) How was your day ? I'm bored here .. Even my homeworks still not completed but I'm not gonna do that right now.. It's because my mood right now is not to do homeworks.. So today I really don't have a good mood .. I tried to put myself in the good mood so I listened to the music, played Xbox, webcam-ed with old friend, but nothing make me feels better.. FUhh !!

Know what? Tomorrow I'm going to go back to that maktab.. Damn ! Welcome to hell ! Dah la homework x siap lagi.. URGHH !!

There's one more thing.. My weight da naik !! GAHH!! So this evening and tomorrow morning I'm gonna head to the gym with ayah no matter what.. Well, I have to.. Dah la gemok, malas exercise plak tuhh..

I think that's all for now..Have a good weekend honeys!