June 11, 2011

Yoga ? It's so good..

p/s: I'm not wearing that when I did yoga..

HELLO ! HAHA .. Okay.. No longer in the bad mood because I played Xbox a lot today and it brings my mood up.. "Da la homework x siap, boleh lagi main video game,ishh !" Well, that's what mama said to me.. :B .. So, what's up?.. 

This evening, I didn't go to the gym..cehh, aku ni kate je lebih nk pergi gym,kan? It's okay.. I did yoga..here, in my room,pelik kan? Well, my brother did the weight-lifting thingy in his room while I did yoga.. Awesome, aite ? I did yoga on the yoga mat.. The moves are pretty cool,too.. I learned it through my phone.. I'm just gonna do that more often, hope so..