August 24, 2011

New Tomorrow

~It's firework~

Hey little blog! I just got home yesterday around 4pm.. Man, penat tau tak? After school ayah drive straight away to Sg Buloh to check out his bisnes-project-what-so-ever and I just fell asleep in the car from Kkb - Sg Buloh - KL.. But still, penat jugak tau! Maklumlah dah 3 hari berturut-turut tak tidur awal.. :) 

So today was generally a nice day, aite? :) First I woke up daaaamn early so I could watch tv.. :-) Now i'm just lying in bed, listening to music and thinking about what movies to buy from VIDEO EZY tonight at Jusco.. HAHA Sounds stupid jer..

Now I'm getting ready to meet NABILAHHUDA, FATINNATASHA, HAZIYAHTULATIFAH and SYAHIRAHMANHAIRI.. We will go to Wangsa Walk Mall.. Planned to watch movie, bowlings and shopping.. HAHA And yeah, we're gonna break-fast there.. Gotta buy all the things for seni task yg susah tu..

So byebye.. :-)