August 26, 2011

Take a chance you may never know what may happen

Hey! Yesterday has been a long but fun day! Went to WWM with the girls watched Spy Kid and just shopping around..They had really made my day <3 

Spy Kids Ticket

URm.. The movie was in the rating of okay la.. But not bad.. I had really enjoyed myself with them.. We had the break-fast at 'x tau la pulak name restaurant' but dekat dengan tempat wayang larh.. Dah makan - makan and being a camera-whore tengok bill makanan just like OMG..  It's beratus la jgak .. On 8.30pm something like that I got home first.. And sampai rumah terus terlantar atas katil.. Penat kowt.. :-)

Okayy, Today, early in 7am, i wake up because I got alarm clock beside me..then,   i just turn it off..then SLEEP. :-) ehehe.. Then, I woke up again around 10 something like that la.. Got nothing to do so I just being a camera-whore in my room.. HAHA.. I dont got out my room until 2pm..  Keluar bilik je, FUhh! Segarnye dunia luar.. HAHA.. Okay, tak lawak sebab korang pown tak gelak.. Bajet lawak je aku nie..

 So right now, it's 6.50pm already and I just got back from Jusco Wangsa Maju with my sis.. We rather go Jusco Wangsa Maju than Jusco Setiawangsa which is nearer my house bcoz we got many choice there at Wangsa Maju.. We shopped a lot.. Man, so sad when my money become less.. I bought shoes, shawls, clothes and some accessories for raya.. Thanks to sis because she spent too much money for me yg suka membodek.. HAHA :-) But she said "your duit raya akan ditolak sikit" . So I did muka kesian yang agak2 makan pelempang.. Alaa sis, jangan larh macam nie.. :-(

Gotta take a shower then break-fast with my family.. :~)
So bye :-p