August 30, 2011

~Happy Eid ul-Fitr~

Today's Raya, babe!

Guess what?? Yeah, that's right! Raya is coming again.. What'd you do? Balik kampung, of course.. Same goes to me.. My family and I went to our hometown which is at Malacca on Sunday..We been there with 2 cars.. My dad's and bro-in-law's .. You can say we had a convoy to Malacca.. As we reach there, there was something bad happen to our relative there that berlaku secara tetiba and not even tersangka langsung.. What had happen? Let it all be a family case..

We stayed at the hotel near grandma's house because my family is so ramai like 9-10 person.. At first, we stayed at Hotel Sri Impian for a day while Hotel Alamanda until tomorrow, Wednesday.. Know what, Hotel Sri Impian is so 'cerewet' like asdfghjk..  Blacked out, siling bocor, sempit, toilet tak boleh flush.. Ughh! So cool not! Hotel Alamanda is wayy better!

My sister's family have checked-out the hotel today because they're going to Penang then Kelantan.. So we,the others are enjoying the eid here, until tomorrow.. Mama stayed at grandma's house for a night before raya to help my aunties at the kitchen.. Me, huh, just watching and stay in front of tv there.. Ayah and my bros just back to back to hotel-kedairuncit-rumahnenek.. HAHA :-)

This morning, I woke up early with a big smile on my face just like urmm, 6:45 maybe.. Solat subuh and then, sleep again.. HAHA.. Woke up again at 7:30..dengar takbir raya on the tv few minutes then had a breakfast at the hotel cafe.. After salam-salam and mintak maaf, we went to grandma's house and did the same to our relatives.. 

Know what, mama said my big bro and I ate too much.. Nak buat macammane, food on the table are so many and it's all delicious.. Not like we always eat foods like that, aite? So I said, 'sekali-sekala tak pe la ma' HAHA.. :p My mom is cool, y'know! :-) Then, we went beraya at some relatives who lives there until Zuhur.. 

Okay larh..dah agak panjang post ni so nk mandi larh..Have a good night! Oh wait, I don't even wish yet..okay, 123!