August 31, 2011


~Mother's love is just the best you can ever have~

Heyhey! :-) I just got home! So, it's 31 Aug already.. Yeah, Merdeka, that's right! And also, it's my mother's birthday! Cool, aite?  So we celebrate it at Great Eastern tonight, maybe.. IDK. So, 123!


"Dear Mama,
I know I've been a happy kid for the past of my life.. I know I'd always annoy you in the same time.. 
  • I like to play with your hair
  • I like to sing out loud in the car :p
  • I like to make faces yang agak-agak memang makan penampar
  • I usually said 'taknak' when you ask something and dont even finish your sentence yet
  • I like to membodek you
  • I usually ask you to go out shopping with me
  • Sometimes, I ter-break your pinggan mangkuk
  • I like to complain to you
  • You always say this, like everyday, 'why tak bawak baju kotor turun bawah?'
  • And so so so many moree :D
I know I am the least helpful in the house.. Even my bros kadang-kadang did the cook.. :-) But it's okay.. I enjoyed the time we together.. <3 You are the first woman I love and will always love you forever.. You and ayah always listen to our complains but we never heard of you both complain as much as us and that's why we love you..

I wish I know how to repay you.. But, maybe someday, I will.. I always pray that i can make you proud. You're the best mother.. You're my strength and my inspiration..Thank you for your love, kindness and all."

Your awesome n' annoying daughter <3

I think that's all for now.. Fuhh.. Long post, huh? Cant believe it.. Know what, I took 1 hour plus to to write this post.. HAhA :-) oh yeah, before I go, I wanna wish this: