September 1, 2011

Life is simple, it's just not easy

Wonderful night! I know, aite?

Hey-yo! So, how was your day so far? Good, bad? Cheer up! Peace! HaHa.. :-) It's okay I know I'm crazeyy.. :D .. Just a shout out to let you know I'm still alive! HAHA.. It's okay.. Just shout.. Okay, dont..Whatever.. I'm a little bit crazier today..It's okay.. I have been at home all day.. Just stuck up in my room watching tv and do some homeworks.. Homeworks? I started doing it since last night.. Lucky for me it's not too much, I think.. Man, my homeworks list is at the hostel.. All I can remember is BM-KOMSAS and Science handout.. Do I have other homeworks, IDK.. Gotta text my friend and ask for it.. HAHA..

The fact that school will start on Monday is just so not cool.. Who's with me? Okay, I gotta stop talking alone.. I have to go back to the hostel on Sunday.. FUhh! Say 'Welcome to tiring days'.. I can't wait for Sunday to come because my family will have BBQ at noon.. Dekat halaman rumah.. Funny, huh? It's okay.. we get used to it.. Since my bros and ayah so lazy to drive to the beach at Sepang so we do the BBQ at our house.. :-) But, I dont wanna go back to the hostel,can I? I want another week holidays.. 

It's 12 noon right now, so I gotta stop now.. Nak mandi..HAHA.. Then, do some BM.. Rajin nye aku.. Peace! :-)