September 3, 2011

Normal life's great :-)

~Tengok gambar ni teringat plak Ustaz Jaamat ajar origami B.Arab~

Hye-hyo-hya-hyi... Yesterday night my family and I went to the AEON JUSCO and eat for dinner there.. Had a little shopping and everything's fine.. And today we had BBQ at our halaman rumah.. My sisters came along and that's very fun.. The sad thing is that I have to go back to Maktab at 4..Malas larh.. :(

Yeah! Cant wait for Friday because I'll coming home again.. My family will have an open house on weekend..  So I think that's all larh for now.. Sorry post nie boring because I'm in very bad mood because soo sleepy.. Got nothing else to say so byebye to you.. :-)