September 15, 2011

What Makes You Beautiful

I'm happy! :-) You?

Heyhey! Back home now, had an awesome day after school yesterday! :-) Yesterday was fun.. Our batch had a PROGRAM GEMILANG PELAJAR MARA.. The activities were fun..I'd really enjoyed it.. Bertolak ke rumah on 3.00pm.. Tumpang Lina since her house is near to mine..On our way home, singgah at r&r somewhere*x ingat* to get some lunch.. Her mom treat me A&W.. HAHA Thanks auntie.. :-) Had an awesome journey home with them..

And.. today is another big day.. My house have doa selamat/tahlil/open house.. The doa selamat n tahlil will start from 2.00pm until 4.00pm continued by open house until 9.00pm.. And it's my job for myself to be a camerawoman.. :-) LoL Now, I just stuck up in my room and malas nak turun bawah for helping..HAHA I will la, few more minutes,okay? so yeah. me very excite

Okay larh..Got to go..I have to take a shower :-) Bye TTYL