November 20, 2011

Then It Must Be Love~

I like this picca! HAHA
Assalamualaikum and HeyHey! :-) How are you doin? Today was a pretty boring day, but I gotta get used to it, I guess. Well, of course lah kan since holidays are on.. So, say YEAH YEAH for it.. HAHA..okay, stop.. jgn menggedik nk merepek kat sini..okay,start.. Ayah had planned somethin for me to do this school holidays.. TUITION! Ye la.. Since I'll be going to face PMR next year, ayah suruh tumpukan study this holiday.. And pergi holiday pon maybe 4 hari 3 malam je tu pun sekali.. x pe lah.. PMR nk dekat, kan? I gotta focus on my study.

Other than that, aden nk mengucapkan tahniah to my cousins for their UPSR result.. Really proud of them.. NUR HAFIZAH HASYIM and ALIA SYAFIQAH AZUAN..They really deserves it :-) 
to pija - Congrats! tp klau nk masuk mrsm, pilihlah mrsm baik baik sikit ek?
to pika - It's ok..4A 1B not bad. Alah, chill lah.. UPSR bukannya boleh cari keje pon.. Janji ade A byk than B..anyway, congratulations!

Hmm.. what to talk a?  C'mon babe, gimme idea.. Rasenye tu je.. SO ape lagi? 
ALIA - 4A 1B