March 16, 2012

Mustache me something sweet :)

Random tumbr pic ~

Hey ! Assalamualaikum ! :)
Here I am posting an entry for the second time of the day.. Act just now I was in cold and decided to have a warm bath at night.. And yes ! Berendam dalam air panas pada waktu malam sememangnya tenang.. Thumbs up for that ! :) Gotta do it more sometimes but mama tak bagi.. Thumbs down for that ! Haha : D

Petang tadi pergi HUTAN LIPUR AMPANG with some of my friends and I tell you what, panas and memenatkan weh !  Thank God at least dapat jugak tangkap gambar and cari sikit isi.. Balik rumah tumpang Lina then terus melelapkan mata dengan khusyuk.. Apa punya ayat daa.. 

Just now I was checking out pics from laptop and I found this : 
SK Setiawangsa Orchestra, stuck in a room the whole day which is so DAMN COOL as we SKS orchestra like to call it Aswara's Winter Wonderland.. You don't know how much I miss this moments.. ;(

That's all for tonight so byebye ! :) Have a good night ! :)
Assalamualaikum ! :D